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"From the splendor of the past: used luxury watches at bargain prices".

Luxury watches are more significant than ever before and have even found their way into the younger generation in the course of the last few years. To be honest, one can even speak of a real hype at this point, which has now developed around manufacturers such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piquet or Breitling. For this reason, it is not surprising that the market for used luxury watches has also grown constantly and we at Eppli pay special attention to it.

Are used luxury watches suitable as an investment?

In general, expensive luxury watches offer a good investment opportunity. Especially new watches, which are bought only for this one purpose and then stored safely as well as unused, can yield a great return over the years. However, this of course depends on other factors such as the manufacturer, the material used and also the edition. The rarer a luxury watch is produced, the higher the chances of return. Especially if it is a special edition.

But what about used luxury watches? You can also invest your money in these, but you should check the condition of the watch. One thing is clear: the more scratches, dents or perhaps even functional problems, the lower the value and the less you should pay when making a purchase.

In the end, it also applies to both variants that an investment in luxury watches is always associated with a certain degree of speculation. It should therefore only be considered if you have intensively studied the subject.

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Types of watches in our range

To offer you a wide and varied product range, we have a variety of used luxury watches in our offer. We have divided them according to different watch types or watch categories, so that you can find your way better while browsing.

Ladies watches:
Are you looking for a luxury ladies' watch that will accentuate your unique outfit? Would you prefer it to be elegant and discreet? Or do you prefer an eye-catching model that is studded with numerous diamonds and glitters beyond all measure? No matter what you want, you will find it in our category "ladies watches".

Men's watches:
While ladies' watches are rather delicate and adapt to the thinner wrist of women, men's watches are often much more pompous and like to wear thick. Restraint is definitely in second place here! Nevertheless, here too the exception proves the rule, which is why you can examine not only "thick" watches, but also discreet models for men in our store.

Pocket watches:
In our eyes, pocket watches are the small underdog among used luxury watches. Sure, almost no one carries a used luxury pocket watch in a suit trousers walk nowadays. They have long since been replaced in everyday use by watches on the wrist or smartphones. Nevertheless, it is especially suitable as a display piece in your own four walls and will cause a lot of admiration among your guests. Especially if it is an old, almost historical model.

Certified Pre-Owned

Certified Pre-Owned watches (also known as "certified pre-owned watches") are pre-owned luxury watches that have been thoroughly inspected and serviced by us. They are sold with a warranty and often still have the original manufacturer's warranty. This gives the buyer peace of mind that the watch is in perfect condition and that any problems will be fixed within the warranty period. Certified Pre-Owned watches are a great choice for those looking for a quality pre-owned watch that is currently unavailable or no longer available from dealers, or for those who are not willing to pay the high purchase price of a new luxury watch.