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For more than 40 years, buying and selling high-quality vintage and designer treasures has been part of Eppli's core business. Eppli specializes in a select range of exclusive brands in watches, jewelry, fashion and luxury accessories. A carefully curated range of the most sought-after branded items can be found in our stores as well as in our online store.

Many products from exclusive brands are limited or highly coveted, making them difficult to find. Consequently, coveted pieces are sometimes traded far above the original retail price. Counterfeits and imitations represent a lucrative business for criminal gangs, who bring ever more professional plagiarisms to the market. Professional counterfeits are often indistinguishable from the originals for laymen. In order to be able to carry out an authenticity check conscientiously, one needs many years of experience and brand-specific know-how. The Eppli experts are absolute specialists in their fields and have many years of professional experience.

Eppli checks every branded article for authenticity using specially developed standards and awards the Certified by Eppli label to the checked articles. Plagiarism does not stand a chance at Eppli. Eppli guarantees the authenticity and originality of the complete range of branded articles.

Luxury certified watches

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Authenticity guarantee

We offer a carefully maintained assortment of valuable wristwatches from previous ownership. Many watches from days gone by enjoy great popularity again today and are enthusiastically collected. Pre owned watches are sometimes traded far above their original retail price and are internationally sought after by watch collectors. Therefore, an exact examination of authenticity, carried out according to defined standards, is indispensable. The Eppli watch experts check every watch to the letter and guarantee the authenticity of every watch.

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Certified Luxury Fashion & Accessories

Authenticity guarantee

We offer you a wide range of products as well as extensive services in buying and selling luxury fashion & accessories. In our online store as well as in our exclusive branch in the Königsbau, centrally located at the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart, you can discover highly sought-after it-pieces of the most exclusive brands worldwide. Coveted brands like Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, and many more are often copied and faked. Determining the authenticity of the exhibits requires extensive know-how and years of expertise in dealing with luxury brands. Eppli's fashion experts carefully check each item for authenticity and quality. Eppli unconditionally guarantees the authenticity of the offered goods.

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