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The oldest banking business in the world Provides instant liquidity in any amount

If you do not want to part with your values

Many people entrust us with their valuables as collateral to improve their liquidity in the short term or to bridge financial bottlenecks. Take advantage of the discreet atmosphere of our expert center and bring us suitable objects such as coin or stamp collections, jewels, precious stones or antiques. Our experts will gladly make an evaluation of your presented property and provide information about the possible amount of the instant loan, which you can dispose of for four months - completely without Schufa.

This possibility of an instant loan is especially interesting for entrepreneurs who, for example, want to start a new business or need to make an unforeseen investment in a new machine while the ROI is still a few months away. Today, it is also not uncommon for customers to default on payments, which quickly puts a company in the situation of a liquidity shortage.

Eppli Services Pawn Credit

Pawn credit - At a glance


In a private area you will be personally advised by an Eppli expert and you can choose between a credit without Schufa, sale or consignment to auction.

In partnership

You are our business partner - not a supplicant! We are not interested in the background of the instant loan. We only value your property: YOUR PAND.


No third party finds out about it, no Schufa information or similar. Your deposit will be kept safe in our vaults and no one will see it. We will not contact you in writing or by phone.


Instant loan is a banking transaction and is subject to strict legal regulations. Your deposit is kept safe and is insured for twice the loan amount.


The personal personal loan is the original form of lending and an ideal way to bridge a financial bottleneck quite discreetly.


You can extend your pledge at any time. Only past interest and fees are due.

Loan 300,00 €. After three months you pay e.g. 3 x 9,50 = 28,50 €, receive a new pawn ticket and have again up to 4 months time for the redemption or a further extension.

When the deposit expires

After four months, we wait another month as a gesture of goodwill. If the pawn is neither extended nor released, the pawn is put up for public auction. Any additional proceeds are available to you against return of the pawn ticket.

Also in this case we will not contact you! If the additional proceeds are not collected, we are obliged to transfer them to the state of Baden-Württemberg.


You can redeem your pawn daily within 4 months upon presentation of the pawn ticket. Upon redemption, you will count back the loan amount as well as interest and fees for the past period of the loan.