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Writing: Always and everywhere!

Whether on the office desk, in the jacket pocket or in a chic case: A noble writing instrument in the form of a ballpoint pen or fountain pen is not only a great eye-catcher for young and old, but also an immensely useful accessory for numerous requirements. In our assortment you will therefore find a large selection of used writing instruments from various luxury manufacturers.

Noble writing instruments and their peculiarities

Before buying, however, you should be aware of the different types and kinds of noble writing instruments. In our store, we distinguish between the two main types of fountain pens and ballpoint pens. These two are in turn divided into several subtypes.

Fountain pen: differences & types

We probably all came into contact with a fountain pen for the first time in kindergarten or at the latest in school. This type of writing instrument has lost much of its reputation among the masses in recent years, but is still used in school, for letters or even for beautiful transcripts. The fountain pen is a great piece of tradition and often conveys an enormous amount of elegance. Especially if it is a noble writing instrument from a renowned manufacturer such as Montblanc or Cartier. But what are the differences? Let us explain briefly:
  • Piston fountain pen:
    The piston fountain pen is, in our opinion, the most beautiful type of fountain pen, but it rarely occurs anymore. Here, in the classic manner, the fountain pen is held in an ink glass before the ink is subsequently sucked into the fountain pen by rotating the plunger. The plunger is usually located at the rear end of the noble writing instrument. This type makes it possible to use a large number of different inks.
  • Cartridge fountain pen:
    In contrast, the standard recognized worldwide today is the cartridge fountain pen. In this case, the fountain pen is screwed on and the cartridge inserted before it is screwed back on again and can now be used for writing. Cartridge fountain pens come in all shapes and colors. They are also aimed at the general public and are therefore often very inexpensive.
  • Converter:
    The converter builds a kind of bridge between cartridge and piston fountain pens and can be described as a good middle ground. As with the piston fountain pen, a piston mechanism is used, but instead of being permanently installed, it is inserted into the fountain pen like a cartridge. This means that almost all cartridge fountain pens can also be converted into a piston fountain pen. But why should this be done? To also be able to use a significantly larger selection of inks!

Ballpoint pens: differences & types

The ballpoint pen is, so to speak, the fountain pen of modern times and has become an absolute mass commodity. It is not for nothing that certain cheap copies are literally thrown at you at events and trade fairs. But this does not mean that there are no noble writing utensils made in the form of a ballpoint pen.
  • Twist ballpoint pen:
    Definitely the best known type! By turning the back end, the cartridge of the ballpoint pen is pushed through the opening via a spring, allowing you to write. In addition, twist-action ballpoint pens are pretty much always equipped with a clip to better attach the classy writing instrument to a shirt or a sheet of paper.
  • Rollerball:
    At first glance, the rollerball often looks like a normal ballpoint pen. However, in return, it uses ink that is very fluid and resembles fountain pen ink. A normal ballpoint pen, on the other hand, uses a type of "ink paste" that is much thicker. The enormous advantage of a rollerball is thereby: The writing feeling is much more pleasant and resembles that of a fountain pen. With a rollerball it is altogether easier and more fluid to write.

Few brands but TOP quality

If you compare the selection of brands of fine writing instruments with the selection of brands in the clothing industry, it is of course much smaller. But at the same time, this makes the decision much easier. First and foremost, of course, is the Montblanc brand, which understands like no other how to produce high-quality and particularly noble writing instruments. Depending on your budget, you can opt for completely gold-plated models or somewhat less expensive alternatives with gold or silver plating.
In addition to Montblanc, you should also take a look at the noble writing instruments from Cartier or even St. Dupont. Even the world-famous Pelikan brand, which mainly produces inexpensive writing instruments, occasionally offers special editions that are only produced in limited quantities and are of extremely high quality.