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What connects us with the Stiftskirche and Lothar Späth

A few years ago, the Stiftskirche in Stuttgart was looking for donors for its renovation. We liked the idea of helping. We organized a public auction, the proceeds of which went to the Stiftskirche.

Since then, we have regularly raised the hammer in favor of foundations and charitable organizations, receiving support from prominent patrons. They then contribute significantly to the success of the auction as guest auctioneers. The best example was provided by former Minister President Lothar Späth, who was able to elicit generous bids from our hall audience with his special charm and esprit.

We have bundled our social commitment in the Eppli & Hopf Foundation, a foundation under civil law. Particularly close to our hearts is the support of people who have fallen on hard times due to accidents, illness or strokes of fate.

You want to do good and support a foundation, an organization or your association?
You decide who you want to support and what percentage of your proceeds from the sale or auction of your objects should go there. Whether 10%, 20% or 100% we will forward the corresponding amount after a successful sale. From the beneficiary you will receive a donation receipt for control and for your tax return.

Please contact us if you are interested!

Franz Eppli

Hans Fritz Foundation

"Can't be done, doesn't exist." Dr. Hans Fritz

The foundation pursues the promotion of health care by supporting and financing projects in the field of preventive, remedial and curative activities, as well as the promotion of science and research, in particular by supporting and financing research projects in the field of pulmonary fibrosis and papillary/pancreatic carcinoma or pancreatic cancer. It is primarily dedicated to the research of disease patterns that are neglected by science and industry because they do not promise greater commercial success.

The Dr. Hans Fritz Foundation is a non-profit foundation with legal capacity under civil law based in Stuttgart. It was established in spring 2016 and is under the supervision of the Stuttgart Foundation Authority. The Dr. Hans Fritz Foundation is independent of government, political parties, industry, associations and ideological groups.


Auma Obama Foundation Sauti Kuu

Children need a strong voice for a strong future. The aim of the Auma Obama Foundation - Sauti Kuu is to give disadvantaged children and young people worldwide perspectives for an independent life. The vision: Sustainable economic independence.

The mission: to support children, youth and families in discovering, developing and purposefully using their own resources and potential.

The focus of Sauti Kuu's model is to make economic growth based on locally available resources an essential part of the economic value chain. With our work in Kenya and Germany, we try to find ways and create structures with children and young people that help them - psychologically, socially and financially - to become independent.


Three Churches Foundation

The foundation of the Evangelical Church of Württemberg was established to support church work in its most diverse forms. The churches provide support and a home in the vicissitudes of history. In the meantime, they have been listed as historic monuments. The will to preserve them for future generations by means of a foundation testifies to the future-oriented, solidary sense of the people of Geislingen. The Three Churches Foundation Geislingen was established in 2005 together with founding donors. In the meantime, the first proceeds of the foundation have been distributed, namely to renovate the roof of St. Martin's Church.

Protestant Church Foundation

From the Reformation to the present day, work with students has been firmly anchored in the Protestant church. Founded on the initiative of parents, the Protestant schools have been contributing to education in the city of Stuttgart for more than 150 years, thus fulfilling the mission of the church.

After-school care and joint activities, especially in the field of music The Protestant School Foundation Stuttgart finances its work through public and church subsidies as well as through parent contributions in the form of a monthly school fee.

In order to keep the schools open to children from all social classes, the Evangelische Schulstiftung Stuttgart offers the possibility of reduced school fees.


Game Park Pforzheim

Natural enclosures and the keeping of Central European wild animals in social groups appropriate to their species are the hallmarks of the game park. Once a private initiative, the city of Pforzheim runs the game park and has been expanding it since the 1970s. To ensure its continued existence and to support the city of Pforzheim in its tasks - that's what the support association is for.


Other foundations

Patrons and supporters

Benefit auctions have a long tradition at Eppli. Prominent personalities who have supported the good cause as patrons and in some cases even swung the hammer themselves have made a significant contribution to its success.

Stuttgart's former Lord Mayor Wolfgang Schuster, the former Prime Minister Lothar Späth, the former Chairman of the Board of Daimler AG Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Stuttgart's former Lord Mayor Manfred Rommel or also Diane Duchess of Württemberg, former Prime Minister Günther Oettinger, Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann and many others.

Prominent visitors and customers

The special flair and the individual offer of our houses have not only attracted the attention of radio and television, but also made many well-known contemporaries curious and some even became regular customers.