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Our experts advise not to sell jewelry, watches & scrap gold anywhere, anyone!

A conventional gold buyer usually "only" assesses the material value of your gold.

Our experts, however, are concerned with recognizing valuable pieces of jewelry and offering you the necessary expertise. We differentiate your objects according to the pure material value as well as the resale value and make you an appropriate offer for a purchase or for a consignment in an international jewelry auction.

Your advantages with us

  • 40 years of experience
  • excellent market knowledge
  • knowledgeable experts in many fields
  • five auctions per month
  • seriousness & transparency
  • valuation centrally at the market place in Stuttgart
  • uncomplicated pawn loans

The evaluation requires expertise and experience


Our experts have proven expertise, excellent market knowledge and in some cases decades of experience in the valuation of jewelry, watches and old gold. Our knowledgeable experts can accurately assess whether the value of your object exceeds the pure material value. During the valuation, the experts take into account a variety of different factors that influence value.

Evaluation factors

  • Time of origin & epoch
  • Origin and provenance
  • collectability
  • craftsmanship and workmanship
  • Design & contemporary taste
  • brand value
  • gemstone quality

Achieve top prices in an auction

Eppli offers you a variety of alternatives to offer you the best possible price for your goldware.

Many things are very suitable for an auction, for example, as here a high collector's price is often paid for a special piece of jewelry. Here, Eppli's more than 40 years of experience comes in handy. Because in the assessment of the value to be achieved, the art consists above all in being able to estimate the market.

Eppli Auctions

40 years of experience in gold buying

But how do you find a reputable gold buyer?

In times of high gold prices, the various offers to buy gold are overflowing - many traders want to profit from good margins.

Your scrap gold is in good hands with us
Whether classic gold bars or coins, a defective watch or a damaged bangle - we even turn dental gold into cash. We buy your gold at the current price - as reputable as a bank, after all, we were among the first to trade in scrap gold over 40 years ago.