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Eppli buys gold, jewelry, precious stones, art, luxury fashion and other values

Who hasn't experienced this? Valuable objects remain unused in the drawer for years, even though they are not needed. Especially when it comes to jewelry and other beautiful things, not only fashion changes after all, but also personal taste over the years: It's simply time to part with the objects and make room for something new.

Consult our experts to get a realistic picture of the current value of your pieces. You will then have the option of direct sale, where you will immediately have the agreed amount of money. You can use it to buy yourself new jewelry or other valuables, treat yourself to a vacation trip, put a handsome sum into your grandchild's savings account, financially support your children in building a house, or fulfill some other long-cherished wish.

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Eppli experts strongly advise not to sell jewelry, watches, art and antiques anywhere, anyone!

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Gold buying - How much is my jewelry worth?

Your scrap gold is in good hands with us. Whether classic gold bars or coins, a defective watch or a damaged bangle - we even turn dental gold into cash.

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