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Our assortment: high quality jewelry that will amaze you!

At the beginning we would like to mention the following briefly: In our online store you will find real jewelry. So we are not talking about cheap jewelry that costs only a few euros, but high-quality jewelry made from rare materials such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other precious stones such as opals or rubies. Many of these pieces of jewelry in our store are already several decades, some even several centuries old.

We also have a wide variety of jewelry for you to choose from. From elegant rings and earrings to impressive necklaces and graceful bracelets and cufflinks for a variety of occasions. If you would like to take one of our jewelry pieces into your possession only as an investment, you are also at the right place.

High quality jewelry: from antique to classic to modern

We have divided our large assortment into different areas, so that there should be something suitable for every jewelry lover.

Antique jewelry: As the name suggests, antique jewelry is high-quality jewelry, which is usually somewhat older or stylistically modeled on an earlier era. For example, different brooches of Art Deco or coliers of Art Nouveau. Many of these jewels are from the 19th or 20th century.

Modern Jewelry: The counterpart of antique jewelry is represented by our modern and also very high quality jewelry. Many of them were made in recent years from the already mentioned rare materials such as gold, silver and diamonds. In addition, specialties such as a coral necklace from Sardinia or even a charm bracelet from the company Pandora can be found.

Classic Jewelry: If you are looking for a timeless piece of jewelry, you might find it in our "Classic" category. Many individual pieces of the high-quality jewelry offered here can be worn to a wide variety of events and outfits. Some of them come around the corner rather plain and understated, while others will catch the eye of the entire company.

Costume Jewelry / Consignment: How do you feel when you hear the word costume jewelry? Do you also think in the first moment of cheap jewelry, which is offered in large department stores for a few euros? Don't worry, at Eppli costume jewelry is also extremely high quality! Our assortment of convolute jewelry also includes an extremely varied and above all unusual variety of jewelry. For example, pearl necklaces, a green chrome ring, ear clips in the shape of ship steering wheels or a bracelet in the shape of an old Bedouin jewelry and much more.

High-Jewelry: Last but not least, we come to our absolute top class! Under High-Jewelry hide the highest quality and most expensive jewelry of our entire range. For you this means: The best of the best! All the jewelry you will find here has been made with the most expensive materials. No matter if it is rings with huge, pure diamonds, bracelets with large, enviable rubies or necklaces with numerous glittering diamonds. Here, the higher the carat number, the better! But, of course, this comes at a price. With our best pieces of jewelry you should plan at least 10,000 €. There is no upper limit!

TOP jewelry manufacturer: Our brands

Does high-quality jewelry also mean a well-known company in the background? Not always! Jewelry made especially by hand tends to come from small goldsmiths who maintain a small but select customer base and are known only to absolute connoisseurs.

But of course you will also find high quality jewelry in our assortment, made by popular greats of the jewelry business. For example from Christ, Tiffany & Co, Schilling, Cartier, Wempe, Wellendorff and many more. Just click a bit through our offer and feel free to contact us with any questions!