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Painting: A little declaration of love

Let's be honest: we love them! Hand-painted paintings, which on the one hand look stunning and on the other hand are very special collector's items. It's not for nothing that they have been considered extremely popular luxury items worldwide for many centuries, and no household should be without them. They are eye-catcher, status symbol, rarity and collector's item at the same time. In addition, hand-painted paintings always manage to express pure emotions despite the lack of voice and movement. Provided you can get involved with a picture and are willing to perceive it with all your senses.

Suitably, you will find in our online store a select choice of antique and modern paintings, which come from different eras and ages. To be exact, there are currently more than 600 pieces - so there should certainly be something suitable for you!

An eventful history

What many people do not know: Until the 16th century, antique paintings were understood to be not only pictures on canvas or paper, but also paintings on coins or even copper engravings. However, this changed with the emergence of oil painting, which spread around the world at a rapid pace. In the course of this, the conviction that a painting should be understood as a pictorial work of art painted on a specific support such as the aforementioned canvas became more and more entrenched. In addition, since then paintings are officially considered works of art and are part of the fine arts as a separate art genre.

Different eras, different styles

We recommend that you take some time to let the most diverse paintings from our product catalog have an effect on you. We would also like to briefly go into a few individual eras, for which we have suitable pictures on offer:

Modern Art: Modern art is closely related to avant-garde art, which became an emerging art era, especially in the 20th century. Many paintings of this style are often abstract, extremely colorful and very varied. Sometimes, at first glance, the actual motif and the deeper meaning of this image can not be guessed. Often, the respective artists even deliberately play with the imagination of the viewer, thereby stimulating him to find his own interpretation of the painting.

Realism: Realism experienced its heyday in the mid-19th century. The goal was to make the paintings as "real" as possible. One wanted to show the world as it really is. Without embellishment. Without romantic frills. With all its rough edges. The name "realism" is therefore program, as it anchors both the good and the bad.

Romanticism: It is not for nothing that realism is still considered a counter-movement to romanticism. The reason for this is simple: while realism can rather be described as "harder or raw" art, in romanticism mainly feelings count, which the respective picture should convey. One wanted to breathe human warmth into the paintings and often overshot the mark. Whether people or nature - everything was strongly exaggerated and depicted with intensified color tones and contrasts.

Of course, we could list here numerous other extremely important art epochs for which you can find paintings in our store. However, these three were the most important to us, because for us personally you are among the most exciting art historical styles.

High age = high price?

It is often assumed that the age of a painting alone determines its price. However, this is not the case! Even if you can find some examples that are several centuries old, this does not mean that they must be incredibly expensive. A much more important criterion is, for example, the particular artist who painted the picture.

But what happens when old age meets famous artist? Then a great value is almost pre-programmed. Provided that the painting is still in good condition.