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Antique jewelry: Between investment and history

Antique jewelry is not only an investment in a wonderful historical piece of jewelry, but can also be a valuable investment that promises high profits in the future. Depending on the era, manufacturer, workmanship, rarity and material used, prices vary significantly. While simple pieces of silver jewelry start at a few hundred euros, pompous antique jewelry can quickly be worth many thousands of euros.

But the most important thing: antique jewelry tells stories! Due to its great age, it has usually been owned by several generations and has witnessed eras that we only know from books and documentaries. Isn't it an incredible feeling to hold an antique piece of jewelry in your hands that is older than grandpa and grandma combined? We think so!

Oh, before we forget: Of course, antique jewelry can be bought not only as a classic store of value, but also worn with a matching outfit. If you choose the right combination, it will add a classic touch and a special accent to a rather modern style. You can also be sure of one thing: an antique piece of jewelry is always an exceptional eye-catcher, as you can tell at first glance that it comes from a time long gone.

Antique jewelry in our assortment

The selection of different antique jewelry is large in our online store! Whether they prefer noble necklaces, eye-catching brooches or earrings set with diamonds. Also princely bracelets or enchanting rings of gold you can find with us.

By the way, our antique jewelry comes from a wide variety of eras. Do you prefer the style of Art Deco? Or would you prefer a chain from the Jungend style? No problem! Also jewelry from the classicism, the historicism or the Victorian era ends up in our stock again and again. To learn more about the year of manufacture, simply click on the respective antique jewelry.

The best materials for the best jewelry

An antique jewelry wouldn't be a real antique jewelry if it wasn't made of high quality and rare materials. These would include gold, silver, diamonds, diamonds, pearls, platinum, aquamarines, opals and much more. Furthermore, another important aspect to quantify the value of an antique piece of jewelry is the purity and weight of the aforementioned materials. The purer a diamond or brilliant the more expensive. There are also differences in gold and silver depending on the alloy and the number of carats. 333 gold (8 karat) is the cheapest, 999 gold (24 karat) the most expensive. So before you decide to buy antique jewelry, we recommend that you carefully read about the materials used on each product page and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Our brands in the assortment

: Much of the antique jewelry in our assortment was made many decades ago by small jewelers or well-known individuals. But you can also find a few big brands in our assortment, which still produce jewelry today. For example, jewelry from Rosenthal, Joseff of Hollywood or even Patek Philippe.