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Eppli Online Shop - Historica

The importance of historica

We are often asked what we can understand by Historika. First of all: Historika are not a certain art genre or something similar. Rather, the word can be seen as a kind of umbrella term for a wide variety of antiques. No matter if it is about antique books, paintings, vases, medals or other unique collectibles.

Age of Historica

The age of historica is similar: There is no fixed age that a historica must have at least, so that it can be called the same. Therefore, we at Eppli follow the credo: We personally recognize many things that are older than 100 years as historica and thus also as antiques. Nevertheless, not all historica from our store end up in the category of the same name. The reason for this is simple: For some other antiques - such as historical sculptures, coins or even stamps - we have created separate store categories. On the one hand, because we have a significantly higher number of products from them, on the other hand, because this creates a better overview for you as a customer. Here in the Historika category, on the other hand, you will find more individual pieces of the most diverse antiques, which are difficult to assign to other product groups.

Single pieces and convolutes

In addition to individual items such as the aforementioned Historikas or several books are also numerous bundles or sets part of our assortment. For example convolutes of antique medals, coins, copper engravings, beer mugs, medals and more. So just have a look around our site and be surprised by the special selection. If you have any questions, we are also available by phone at any time!

Exciting Historika in our assortment