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When store of value meets collector's item

Most people first think of gold bars and coins as a financial investment that, in the worst case, offers them additional protection and, in the best case, provides a decent return over decades. However, people usually forget that especially historic and rare coins are also considered collectibles and are often bought to add to private collections. It is similar with exclusive gold bars, which come in a special design and are only produced in very limited numbers. In the end, however, the following applies: Whether rare coin or expensive gold bar, both are first-class hedges for the future!

Rare coins, convolutes & gold bars

In our assortment you will therefore find a mixture of different valuables and collectibles: rare single coins, whole sets or coin sets as well as gold bars and gold coins with different weights. So there should be something suitable for you.

Gold bars:
Gold bullion is arguably one of the most classic investments, as it has been traded and exchanged for centuries. Especially in times of severe economic crises or even wars, gold has proven to be a stable currency, while the volatile currencies of individual countries usually went downhill and triggered far too high inflation.

Single coins:
Are you looking for a very special unique piece? Then maybe you will find just the right coin in our shop! Currently, our offer of single coins is still manageable, but we are working to expand it gradually for you. Just check back with us regularly to find out about the latest single lots.

If you are an experienced coin collector or even a newcomer and would like to buy a whole set, we can recommend you our bundles. We have many large and even some complete sets in stock. Some of them contain a few coins, others several hundreds. Our tip: Take your time when buying and look at the individual coin sets in detail.

Where do our coins & gold bars come from?

An important question, which we would like to answer herewith. Especially for coin collectors, the origin of the respective coin can be of crucial importance! Therefore, in order to offer you a wide spectrum, you will find coins and coin sets from countries such as France, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Egypt and many more. Some are also many centuries old, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt!

We also recommend that you study the individual coins and collections carefully, thus preventing a wrong purchase. We are also happy to advise you by phone on the selection and can give you more important information to hand.