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Antique furniture: more than just elegant!

Depending on the desired interior, antique furniture is an absolute eye-catcher in any room and adds a princely touch to the already high-quality interior. In addition, antique furniture creates a certain portion of extravagance, which you can not only see, but also feel. Honestly, we've all stood in front of a pompous chandelier or an elaborately decorated wooden chest of drawers and broken out in silent enjoyment and amazement. Haven't we?

Compared to today's rather plain and modern furniture, antique furniture simply wears much thicker and almost screams for recognition. But quite rightly so! The intensive work that went into each individual piece of furniture is still evident in the craftsmanship of the time. You can literally feel how much love went into the handiwork and how long was worked on the individual items!

Antique furniture in our assortment

At Eppli, one thing is important to us above all: a large, varied selection! So you will not only find unique pieces with us, but you can combine them directly with other attractive pieces from our assortment. Especially with antique furniture, it is usually particularly difficult to find two pieces of furniture that come from different eras and despite all harmonize visually with each other.

While scrolling through our assortment, you will also notice that we offer not only classic pieces of furniture such as cabinets or chests of drawers, but also imposing chandeliers, massive desks and richly decorated wall mirrors. Traditional chairs, royal bedside lamps or fascinatingly designed candlesticks are also part of our meticulously selected product range. Some of this antique furniture also has several centuries under its belt. For example, a large, enchanting walnut cabinet made around 1680 in the style of the Renaissance.

However, you can also find antique furniture pieces in our store that are much "younger" and date back to the 20th century. However, this fact does not change the fact that these products are also very rare and, like all other furniture, are considered absolute collectors' items

.Materials used

Depending on the desired piece of furniture, a wide variety of materials are used. For example, many of the unique pieces listed by us were made from the most diverse types of wood. To mention here would be walnut, ebony, burl wood, softwood or even precious wood. Most chandeliers, on the other hand, are made of fine crystal glass and various elements for decoration such as bronze or brass.

The proper care of antique furniture

Antique furniture often has an extraordinary quality. This is mainly due to the already mentioned high-quality materials, intensive processing and craftsmanship of the manufacturers of that time. Whereas today a lot of furniture (including luxury furniture) is produced on an assembly line, which significantly increases the number of defective products, in antique furniture every screw, every slot and every edge was checked individually. Nevertheless, even historical furniture needs a certain amount of care, which in turn should be adapted to different materials. In general, the following rules apply (for which we assume no responsibility):

  • Use a very soft, slightly damp cloth for dusting to prevent scratches.
  • Avoid aggressive or chemical cleaning agents completely. They can attack the material and cause long-term damage.
  • Use special cleaners for antique furniture. These can be special soaps, oils or even waxes. Ask us about this when you buy and we will help you.
  • In an emergency, a very gentle, natural soap can be used. However, be especially careful when doing so.

Tip: If you are interested in antique furniture, you should intensively study the proper care and possibly consult an expert. For example, a restorer in your area. They are usually very knowledgeable and know exactly what to look out for.