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Eppli customers do not store, they invest


Eppli Stores

Central in Stuttgart & Baden-Baden and soon in Überlingen on Lake Constance.

At Eppli, there is a little bit of everything, but nothing off the peg. For regular Eppli customers, a visit to one of the stores and the personal advice from the competent consultants is a very special shopping experience. Especially the stores in the historic Königsbau in Stuttgart and the Kurhaus Kolonnaden in Baden-Baden enjoy visitors from all over Germany because of their uniqueness. Soon we will also have a representative office in Überlingen on Lake Constance. We are here for you and look forward to your visit.


The special shopping experience

To bid in an auction you do not have to be on site.
Eppli offers the following possibilities for bidding:

  • Personal bid in the auction room
  • Written pre-bid in a branch
  • Online pre-bid via online catalog
  • Pre-bid by e-mail/fax
  • Live bid by telephone
  • Online live bid

Eppli Auctions

Online store

Eppli Buy
Where opening hours do not matter. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the Eppli online store invites you to browse comfortably on the screen. The assortment consists of jewelry, watches, diamonds, gemstones, fashion & accessories, porcelain, silver, art, antiques, coins, stamps and historica and includes several thousand items at any time. All items available online, can also be viewed and purchased in the respective store. We are constantly updating our internet assortment. However, it may happen that your purchase offer on the Internet overlaps with a stationary sale. In this case, the sale in the store has priority. To our online store please click here!