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Informationen und Bilder einsenden und in Kürze wissen Sie ob Ihr Objekt für einen Verkauf geeignet ist. 

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Achieve top prices

In an auction, the market determines the price. According to German law, the auctioneer is a person of trust who has to represent the interests of two parties - the seller and the buyer. In the case of your sale, our auctioneer will also strive to achieve the highest possible price for your valuable object. At the time of consignment, we will also be happy to agree with you on a minimum amount below which your item will not be auctioned. We also call this the limit price.

Eppli Auctions

Direct sale

If you do not want to wait for the next auction or if the auction is just not the right thing for you, then there is the possibility of direct sale. Valuable and well-preserved items are not only auctioned at Eppli, but also purchased directly. You can then immediately dispose of the agreed sum of money. However, we would like to point out that this sum is usually somewhat lower than the sum that could be realized through an auction.


You can give your valuables to us on commission. Then we will try to find a buyer for you. In this case, we will jointly determine the minimum price that will be paid to you in the event of an actual sale. In this way you can also achieve a very good sales price. We only ask you to consider that even an interesting object may have to wait a long time for a new owner.

Goldsmiths studio

Goldsmiths studio

Our alternative for jewelry

Your own jewelry is getting on in years? The jewels no longer suit your taste? Before you don't wear your precious jewels any more, we suggest that you ask our trained goldsmiths for advice on a makeover. Through craftsmanship and a flair for modern design, a seemingly old-fashioned piece of jewelry can be transformed into a cutting-edge jewel.

Pawn loans

Liquidity without sale

No problem for us. With this rock-solid banking transaction, you borrow an object of value from your property and remain its owner. You can redeem it by agreement - after a week, a month or only after a year. This old, discreet and uncomplicated form of money lending is used more and more often.