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Discover our exquisite selection of second hand designer and luxury bags and be inspired by our range. Here you will find timeless classics and unique treasures that will give you a luxurious feel and complement your style perfectly.
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Save in style: Discover our second hand designer and luxury bags!

Unser Sortiment an gebrauchten Luxus- und Designertaschen bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, exklusive und hochwertige Produkte zu einem erschwinglichen Preis zu erwerben. Das Sortiment umfasst Marken wie Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermés, Gucci, Prada, Bottega Veneta, BalenciagaDolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent und viele mehr.

Certified by Eppli
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Wir stellen sicher, dass jede Luxus-Tasche in unserem Sortiment sorgfältig geprüft und authentifiziert wird, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie nur Designer-Taschen und Luxustaschen von höchster Qualität erhalten.

Unsere erfahrenen Experten sind geschult, um die Echtheit von Designer- und Luxustaschen und alle Merkmale zu überprüfen, einschließlich der Materialien, der Nähte, der Hardware und des Logos. Wir sind stolz darauf Ihnen garantieren zu können, dass jede second hand Designer-Tasche, die wir verkaufen, 100% authentisch ist.

We understand that buying a luxury bag is a significant investment decision. That's why we offer comprehensive advice and excellent customer service. We will help you choose the right luxury bag for their needs and make sure they will be satisfied with their purchase.

Overall, we offer you the opportunity to purchase an exclusive second hand designer bag at an affordable price while relying on top-notch customer service and comprehensive advice. Our second hand luxury and designer bags are an excellent investment that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Bag love without a guilty conscience: Sustainable beauty from second hand

Buying second hand luxury items, especially luxury bags, is becoming increasingly popular as many consumers want to make more sustainable choices. Not only is this a more environmentally friendly option, but it's also a way to purchase stylish, high-quality products at a more affordable price.

Resource Conservation
In terms of sustainability, buying second hand luxury bags offers many benefits. First of all, it reduces the production of new bags, which leads to a reduction in energy consumption and emissions. By buying second hand luxury bags, you can also help reduce the amount of materials that need to be mined and processed, further reducing your environmental impact.

Another benefit is extending the life of products. By buying a second hand luxury bag, you prevent it from ending up in a landfill and give it a new chance to be used.

This not only helps to produce less waste, but also reduces the need for new resources to produce substitute products.

social aspects
In addition to the environmental aspects, there are also social aspects to buying used luxury bags. By buying used luxury bags, you can help reduce the need to import bags from countries with lower labor standards. In addition, buying used luxury bags can help support local communities and small businesses involved in recycling and selling used luxury items.

Overall, buying used luxury bags offers a more sustainable alternative to buying new products. buying second hand bags helps reduce environmental impact, extends the life of products, and supports local vendors. When a company offers an assortment of used luxury bags, it is a step towards a more sustainable future.

Different designer bags, different demands

With the huge selection of designer bags, it is often difficult to decide on a suitable model. So which bag is best suited in which situation in life? A question I have asked myself for a long time. To help you decide a little, I now present the most important bag models and their usefulness in everyday life.

The classic among second hand designer bags. They are neither too big nor too small, can be easily hung around the shoulder and usually offer enough storage space to store other important accessories such as makeup, jewelry or even a personal organizer in separate compartments in addition to wallet and smartphone. Handbags are not space miracles, but offer the perfect compromise between stylish looks, comfort and utility.

This type of designer bag can confidently be called the modern "shopping basket". So the name shopper is no accident. Shoppers are larger shoulder bags, which in most cases offer much more space than handbags, but still look chic. However, they are not only suitable for smaller purchases, but also for city trips or the way to university.

Travel bags
Designer travel bags are stylish and functional pieces of luggage, often made of high-quality materials such as leather or canvas. They offer enough space for clothes, shoes and other travel essentials and are available in different sizes and designs. Designer travel bags are not only practical but also a fashion statement, as they are often designed by famous designers and have a unique look. They are perfect for weekend trips or short vacations and are an investment in style and functionality.

Designer backpacks are stylish and functional pieces of luggage, often made of high-quality materials such as leather, nylon or canvas. They offer enough space for daily necessities such as laptops, books and other items needed on the go. Designer backpacks are not only practical but also a fashion statement, as they are often designed by famous fashion brands and have a unique look. They are available in different sizes and designs and are suitable for everyday use as well as for travel or special occasions. Designer backpacks are an investment in style and quality that can enhance the look of any outfit.

Clutches or evening bags:
Clutches are often used for an elegant evening to pop the corks together with friends in a bar, restaurant or club. They are hardly larger than some purses and therefore offer only space for a few bills and important documents such as cash card or ID. The big advantage: evening bags are very light, take up little space and look classy at the same time.

Fanny packs:
The so-called fanny packs, hip bags, bum bags or even fanny packs experience the last few years an extreme boom and are no longer imaginable without, especially among the younger generation. They are worn either over the shoulder or around the belly and close to the body. The storage space is quite small, but belt bags are much safer from thieves by wearing them directly on the body. In addition, they are ideal complement, for the increasingly emerging trend of urban outfits. No question: second hand designer fanny packs are hip, sexy and simply cool!

Shoulder bags:
Shoulder bags are the totality of all bags that you can hang over your shoulder or even around your neck when you wear them. These can therefore be classic handbags, slightly larger shoppers, crossover bags or even the modern belt bags or hip bags. So don't be confused by the term shoulder bag. It is not a specific bag model!

Shoulder bags
Designer shoulder bags are stylish and practical accessories that are often made of high-quality materials such as leather, suede or canvas. They offer enough space for daily necessities like cell phone, wallet and keys, and can be comfortably worn over the shoulder. They come in a variety of sizes and designs and can be used for everyday use as well as special occasions. Designer shoulder bags are an investment in style and quality that can enhance the look of any outfit.

Tote Bags
Tote bags are a stylish and practical option for people who are looking for a roomy handbag. These bags are usually made of high-quality materials such as leather or canvas and feature luxurious details like gold hardware or logo emblems. Designer tote bags are a popular accessory for women and men alike and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as work, shopping or everyday use. They are a timeless fashion accessory that is both functional and fashionable.

Durability pays off: Especially with designer bags!

Designer bags can last a long time because of their high quality and timeless design. Most designer bags are made from high quality materials such as leather or suede that are durable and sturdy. In addition, designer bags are often handmade with great care and attention to detail. This ensures that they still look good and keep their shape even after years of use.

Another factor that contributes to the longevity of designer bags is their timeless design. Unlike trendy bags that may only be relevant for one season, designer bags have a classic design that will still be relevant after many years. This means that they will not go out of style and will not be affected by short-lived trends. With proper care and storage, designer bags can be used for many years and even passed down as heirlooms.