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A valuable jewel without papers, is like a car without vehicle registration

In-house gemstone laboratory

In our in-house gemstone laboratory, equipped with the most modern gemmological devices, we examine and evaluate loose colored gemstones, diamonds, pearls and gemstone-set jewelry in all their components. Highly qualified experts prepare expert reports in written form, value appraisals for insurance purposes and statements for communities of heirs.

Franz and Ferdinand B. Eppli

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Professional Memberships

As professional members of the German Gemmological Society in Idar-Oberstein F.G.G. and the GIA Alumni Association, our gemologists and diamond appraisers are committed to always graduate according to the latest nomenclatures of the CIBJO (International Association for Jewelry, Silverware, Diamonds, Pearls and Stones).

Mediation of international expertises

Through GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD, DPL (Diamant Prüflabor Idar-Oberstein) and DEGEB (Deutsche Gesellschaft Edelsteinbewertung Idar-Oberstein) independent, international appraisals or expertises can be prepared, which we are happy to arrange.

Our experts in other fields of expertise also prepare value appraisals and expert reports.

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IGI - International Gemological Institute

German Foundation for Gemstone Research (DSEF)

GIA - Gemological Institute of America

Diamant Prüflabor Idar-Oberstein

HRD Antwerp