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HIGH JEWELLERY - finest jewels and jeweler's art

Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Bulgari, van Cleef & Arpels and many other renowned jewelers are in the first place when it comes to selected High Jewellery. These are only the top of high quality jewels and traditional jeweler's art. This is not only made clear by the good name of the jeweler, but rather reveals itself in the precise selection and combination of the materials used.

First-class gemstones of the best quality, purity and cut combine with precious metals and come to life through the individual design and first-class execution and handwriting of each individual jeweler and goldsmith.

High Jewellery is more than just jewelry, it is a demand on oneself and one's environment. A statement, an investment, a passion that does not compromise, but seeks and finds the best.

High Jewellery is a solid investment object in terms of value preservation, which brings joy in addition to the pure value preservation. At international auctions, exquisite gems are traded for record sums and enjoy great popularity among collectors, enthusiasts, museums and investors.

At Eppli, we have had the best contacts for decades and are searching globally for special rarities and curate them for you with the highest expertise and passion. passion. You will find some of the best pieces in our house and can always be sure that always be sure to acquire only the best.