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African art: jewels of a distant world

Many people still see Africa as a Third World continent. A continent that has unfortunately been exploited by the Western world for decades or centuries. When we think of Africa, therefore, the thought of poverty, wars between nations and poor living standards usually buzzes through our minds. But is this the whole truth? Not at all! The African continent has so much more to offer than that. Besides incredibly warm people, unique culture, extremely diverse countries and incredible wildlife, you can also find numerous historical African art objects. For example, sculptures, masks, vases, paintings and other unique exhibits. If you want to integrate some African flair into your own four walls, it is therefore worthwhile to adapt the interior accordingly. Often a few small and fine details are enough to give your home an exotic touch and bring some "Africa" to Germany. Believe us one thing: your guests will love it! African art is always a breathtaking eye-catcher, which lets your mind wander to distant lands.

Our assortment of African art

While browsing through the individual products, you will certainly have noticed that the selection of African art in our store is limited to a small, select circle. Original African art objects are unfortunately very rare in Europe and especially in Germany. In addition, all products are unique pieces, which we carry only once in our assortment. So you should not hesitate too long with your decision, because the desired exhibit might be sold elsewhere the next day. Let us now turn to the individual objects themselves. In addition to historical and wooden carved twin figures from Nigeria, you can also find special ritual masks, which were mostly used as protection against evil during various ceremonies. Other African art pieces in our assortment also include richly decorated vases and goblets, antique book pages or oriental hanging carts. You can even buy an African bar harp and an Egyptian tea table in our online store.

African art and its countries of origin

In many people's minds, Africa is usually associated with countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia or even Ethiopia. Yes, all these countries are, of course, part of the African continent and have brought to light countless art objects over the centuries. However, it is often forgotten that many oriental countries also belong to the African world. For example Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia or Algeria. Also from these countries comes a lot of African art, which is stylistically completely different from the collectibles of the countries mentioned in the upper paragraph. Oriental art objects are a feast for the eyes mainly due to their filigree decorations and extraordinary attention to detail, which runs through numerous vases, tea sets, plates, tables, carpets or even paintings. African collectibles from the rest of the world, on the other hand, are characterized by a rather whimsical appearance, because, as already described, they were often used for religious ceremonies to drive away evil spirits and appease the ancestors.

African art prices

Depending on the country of origin, age, condition and type of collectible, prices for African art can vary greatly. Currently, by far the most expensive exhibit in our assortment is an oriental and extremely monumental vase made of metal for 2,700 €. Most other products, however, are on a level between 200 and 500 €.

Finally, it is also important for us to mention that the individual art objects were made by hand and therefore have a particularly high quality - despite their partly high age!