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The final touch: the perfect designer accessories!

I think we all know this: a terrific outfit is only perfectly rounded off with the right accessories. No matter if it's an elegant silk scarf, a high-quality watch or a charming ear stud. But the decision for the right luxury accessory is often difficult! After all, accessories should always match the chosen clothes and together create a fashionable symbiosis that does justice to the occasion. If one has finally decided on the right accessory, the appearance is extremely upgraded. You put the proverbial icing on the cake, so to speak!

The most important designer accessories of today

The selection of accessories has grown exorbitantly in recent years. Some of them may be unnecessary, while others are absolute high performers of a stylish outfit. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to some timeless designer accessories that will still be worn decades from now.

Purse: Often underestimated, the purse is nevertheless one of the most important designer accessories of today. Although it does not often appear, it should make an impression at the right moment. At the latest when you pull out the bills or the credit card when paying, the big appearance of the designer purse has come. For an upscale event, a simple model with silver or gold accents is ideal, while at a party you can also reach for a model with bright colors (especially as a woman).

Sunglasses: Sunglasses have become increasingly fancy and wild in recent years. Whether it's bold shapes or colorful lens colors, sunglasses have become an integral part of accessory heaven and are an absolute must-have, especially at beach parties on the beach. Here applies meanwhile: The more unusual the better!

Scarves: Let's move from wild beach parties on the beach to the cold winter. As the uncomfortable season rolls in, the most popular winter accessory of all is dug out of the closets. However, a designer scarf should not only keep you warm, but also look good. Most winter scarves are kept in one color, so as not to steal the show from the actual outfit. However, there are always luxury manufacturers who dare to take bold steps with large lettering and bright colors, even with thick scarves.

Silk scarves or neckerchiefs: No question, silk carrés have been an extremely popular designer accessory for women for years. In comparison, they are much thinner and flashier than most scarves. What is rather frowned upon for a scarf is part of good manners for scarves: eye-catching patterns, colorful hues, crazy designs. Most silk scarves almost scream "Look at me! I want to be seen!". They are especially worthwhile to lighten up a rather strict outfit with some color and to set accents.

Jewelry: I think on the subject of jewelry we do not need to say many words. The fact that the right jewelry such as stud earrings, necklaces or bracelets can be the highlight of any outfit, is nowadays a matter of course. It is not for nothing that high-quality jewelry has been the most important and popular designer accessory of mankind for centuries.

Watches: You can never go wrong with an elegant luxury watch. Whether in the office, at dinner with friends or in the theater. Watches are timeless and can accordingly be worn everywhere. For women, a somewhat simpler, golden designer watches on the wrist are usually a good choice, while men can also gladly reach for pompous models.

The best brands for the most beautiful accessories

As diverse as the most varied accessories are, so are their brands. Therefore, in our store you will find a wide range. For example, extravagant silk carrés by Hermés, unique sunglasses by Fendi, cozy scarves by Moncler, classic purses by Louis Vuitton or even stud earrings by Chanel. Other manufacturers of designer accessories in our assortment also include Gucci, Christian Dior, Gianni Versace, Valentino, Burberry, Givenchy and many more.

Good quality has its price

You probably know the following saying: "Who buys cheap, buys twice." We at Eppli Online Shop are also of this opinion and have been putting a lot of emphasis on brand quality since day one. Our goal is not only to offer you designer accessories that look stylish and offer the right utility for any matter, but also that are durable and can be worn for many years to come.