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Eppli Auktionshaus Höchstpreise


Your chances of selling couldn’t be higher



EPPLI – your first choice partner


If you want to ensure that your valuables are sold at the current market price, we are your perfect business partner and we offer various options in selling your items:


In an auction, the demand determines the price. According to German law, the auctioneer is a trusted person who is obligated to balance the interests of two parties – those of the seller and those of the buyer. When selling your valuables the auctioneer strives to achieve the highest possible sale price for your items sein, den . When you consign an item to us, we agree upon a minimum price, below which your item will not be sold. We call this our Limit Price.


Direct sale

If you prefer not to wait for the next available auction or if an auction is just not the right option for you, we also offer the possibility of a direct sale. Valuable pieces in good condition are not just auctioned at Eppli, they can also be purchased directly. The customer then receives the agreed upon sum of money immediately. This sum is, however, normally slightly lower than the price that could be achieved in an auction.




You can submit your valuables to a commission sale. We then strive to find a buyer . for your item. In this case, we agree upon a sum that you as the seller would like to receive when the item is sold. This is also a good option for achieving a fair sales price. We ask that you keep in mind that even the most interesting items can sometimes take some time to find the right buyer.


Collateral loans

You need to pawn an item? That’s no problem for us. In this reputable banking transaction, you submit an item of value as collateral for a loan and remain the owner of this item. You can repay the loan at any time – after a week, a month or year. This old, discrete and uncomplicated type of loan is becoming more and more popular.



Our alternative for jewelry

Your own jewelry is outdated or no longer suits your style? Rather than hiding your old jewelry away in a drawer, we encourage you to speak with our highly qualified goldsmiths about giving your old jewelry a makeover. Skillful craftsmanship and an instinct for modern design can transform an old-fashioned piece of jewelry into a fully modernized piece.