Safe Lounge - we save values

Safelounge, Schließfächer, Bankschliessfach Stuttgart


Secure, anonymous and centrally-located in Stuttgart


Southern Germany’s largest private provider of safety deposit boxes


We have worked with valuables of all kinds for decades.
With our concept for Safe Lounge, we offer you secured storage for your valuables in a high-security vault of safety deposit boxes that are offered independent of banking services.

Our facilities are the most modern of their kind in southern Germany: 1,300 safety deposit boxes, no banking, complete discretion.

We offer the highest standard of security and have been certified by Euronorm and have Vds-recognition.

Storing your valuables in your own home presents a high risk, which we have witnessed over the past few years through the rising number of home invasions and robberies in Germany. Outfitting your home with alarm systems and private safes requires a considerable investment of money, time and effort.
In Safe Lounge, we provide you with a comfortable solution to the storage of your valuables: centrally-located, best security features and 100% discrete.

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