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Pfandkredit erhalten


Secure a loan through the Eppli Pawn Brokerage in Stuttgart


Loans without background checks, private loans, instant loans

Take out a loan quickly and easily through our pawn brokerage in Stuttgart.

Are you looking for a loan that doesn’t require a background check or considering a private loan?
Eppli Pawn Brokerage in Stuttgart can offer you an instant loan with complete discretion.

In our locations at Martkplatz in Stuttgart and in Leinfelden-Echterdingen we offer you a pleasant, professional environment where we are happy to inform you about our various services – including securing a private collateral loan without a background check.


Make an appointment or visit us during our opening hours. At the reception desk, ask about an appraisal consultation. In a private area, you will receive a personalized consultation with one of the Eppli Experten and will have the option of selecting a private collateral loan, a direct sale or consigning to an auction.



Private loans are the original credit form and are the ideal option for overcoming financial straits discretely.




You are our business partner – not a supplicant! For us, the reason you require the loan is irrelevant
– what matters is the value of the item at hand: your collateral.




Our loan agreement is absolutely discrete. No third parties are informed, there is no impact on your credit record or anything else of the sort. Your collateral is safely stored in one of our safes and no one is allowed to browse through the items. We do not call or send any mailings to our loan customers.



Collecting your collateral

You have 4 months to repay the loan and collect your collateral. You can present your receipt and repay your loan at any time in between. When repaying the loan, you repay the original loan amount as well as the interest and fees that have collected over the loan period.

Loan 300,– €, repaid after 1 month. You pay: 300,– € (loan) + 9,50 € (interest and fees for one month) = 309,50 €.



You can extend the period of your loan at any time, after paying the interest and fees due at that time point.

Loan 300,– €. After 3 months you pay 3 x 9,50 = 28,50 €, and receive a new receipt with 4 months until the loan is due or must be extended again.



Once the loan expires

After 4 months have passed, we wait an additional month as a courtesy to our customers. If the loan has still not been repaid or extended, the collateral item will be offered in a public auction. Be aware! Any profit generated through the auction (once the loan, fees, interest and costs for the auction have been acquired) is available to you if you return your loan receipt.
In such a situation, we will not contact you to inform you! If you do not come to claim the profit, we are required to hand this money over to the state of Baden-Württemberg.



The loans e provide are considered banking transactions and are susceptible to strict legal regulations. Your collateral item is stored safely and is insured for twice the loan amount.


Still have questions about collateral loans?

Contacts for jewelry, watches and gold sales
Frau Hermann Herr Lilienfeld | Frau Schumann 

Contact for coins, medals and stamps
Herr Waldrab

Contact for art etc.
Frau König