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Estate advice | We are happy to help

Eppli Nachlassberatung

Your facilitator for inheritance consultations 

Neutral – professional – fair


Divide fairly and avoid family feuds



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One out of six inheritances is contested. This was revealed in a study conducted by Postbank in 2012. This can be the result of any number of things. By providing our expertise in a consultation, we help to ensure that the entire inheritance is correctly and fairly divided in order to maintain the peace within the family. With over 40 years of experience, we will do all we can to assist and support you.

The process begins with the valuation and inventory of all the items included in the inheritance and continues through to the possible sale of the items or listing of a property. We seek to protect you as an heir from making any hasty decisions that may end up costing you considerable money.

What determines the market value of an inheritance?
How can we sell the inherited items quickly and efficiently?
What happens to any valuables whose ownership is unclarified?

Our team of Eppli Experts can act as a neutral authority if necessary.
We can answer any questions you may have and ensure transparency in regards to the value of the inheritance.

Additionally, we can provide extensive services to take care of any other concerns. We represent clients in the execution of wills, we can temporarily assume operation of a business, or we can simply maintain order in the estate. Of course we provide storage options for the inheritance until the valuation has been completed.


Franz Eppli - Sachverständiger für Schmuck und Uhren - Stuttgart

Franz Eppli

Publicly sworn and appointed auctioneer of the state capital of Stuttgart
Expert for jewelry and watches


Member of the DVEV. Deutsche Vereinigung für Erbreicht und Vermögensnachfolge e.V.


Did you know?
The valuation and inventory of future inheritance items can be done in your lifetime to avoid future problems for your heirs.

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