Eppli Expert Center

Epplis Expertenrat


Working with experience, competence and compassion

Die Eppli Experten beim Prüfen, Recherchieren und Bewerten.



Whether there is a 10-carat diamond to be assessed, a pocket watch to be sold, a coin collection to be appraised or a painting to be consigned to auction; theEppli Experts utilize their knowledge and experience as well as their empathy to inspect, research and appraise the items brought to us.

Our team consists of certified diamond appraisers, gemologists, goldsmiths, art historians and coin experts.

With over 40 years of experience in handling and selling art, valuables and collectables, the Eppli Team is a competent and trustworthy service provider.

Come see us in our Expert Center for a non-binding consultation – free of charge. Please make an appointment in advance!

Our experts can usually provide an approximation of value after a brief inspection of your items. You also have the option to send us an appraisal request online using our appraisal form. For more information, visit our homepage for appraisals at: www.expertenzentrum.de 

On-site visits
For large items, extensive collections, and estate appraisals and consultations we can also arrange a house call.
Please contact us for more information