Taking part in a live auction

Four simple steps are necessary to bid in a live auction:

Step 1: Registration and Login

Please register as a user first.

  • Please click the link Register and enter your email address and a freely chosen password.
  • You'll immediately receive an email, which contains an activation link.
  • Please click this link in order to activate your account.

Now you can register by clicking the Register button in the upper right corner of the page.

The registration needs to be completed in order to set you up as a user and assign bids and purchased items to you.
You can log in to the system using your email address and your password. Having done that, you can edit your personal data or check the status of your bids.
In case you forgot your password, you can create a new one by clicking Forgot password .

Step 2: Fill in profile

Please fill in your profile completely.

  • Log on with your email...
  • Navigate to "My Account" and "Profile" within the menu.
  • Please fill in all the mandatory fields.
  • When finished please click 'Save'.

The auction house needs certain basic information, i.e. your address, in order to send invoices for objects you bought at an auction.
Before bidding at a live auction, this information has to be provided. Otherwise the auction house won't be able to authorize you for an auction.
You can edit your profile data any time.

Step 3: Accept Terms & Conditions

Please accept the Terms & Conditions of the auction house.

  • To do so, please go to 'Auctions' and 'Live Auctions' in the menu.
  • Here you can have a look at the auction house's Terms & Conditions in the paragraph "activation".
  • Please click 'Accept' beneath the Terms & Conditions in order to consent to them.

Every auction house has its own Terms & Conditions, which every bidder has to accept before taking part in an auction. They have to be consented to online in order to be activated for a live auction.

Step 4: Request activation for a live auction

Please ask for the activation of your account in due time for the auction. In case the activation is requested shortly before the auction, it might be possible that the auction house won't be able to process your request in time!

  • Please go to "Auctions" and then to "Live auction" in the menu.
  • Please click the button 'Request access' in the paragraph 'Activation'. The field will change its colour to yellow and your request will be directly forwarded to the auction house.
  • As soon as the auction house activates your account, you'll be informed by email and the 'Activation' field under 'Auctions' and 'Live auctions' will have turned green.

Congratulations! You can bid in the live auction as soon as the auction house has activated your account.

Some auction houses will admit every registered user to bid in a live auction. The majority of auction houses will check each user individually before allowing the user to bid.
 The auction house will check whether the user has paid the invoices or