No. 2617 | Timed auction - LOUIS VUITTON

Eppli im Königsbau, Königstraße 28, DE-70173 Stuttgart  

Sun 22.11.2020 19:12

Completed | Timed auction

This is a self-running online auction that is carried out within a specified period without an auctioneer. As a bidder, you can place your highest bid within this period, which the software takes into account step-by-step in the specified bidding steps. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder automatically wins the bid. (like on Ebay)

If a bid is made in the last 60 seconds, the lot will automatically be extended by 120 seconds. This process can be repeated several times, so that the real surcharge can differ significantly from the forecast surcharge time.

bidding from  Fri  13.11.2020,  17:00
sales finalized from  Sun  22.11.2020,  18:30
sales finalized until  Sun  22.11.2020,  19:12